Billy Shaw
We LOVE KOOKIE KRUMBS!! The brothers come by our flower shop every Friday with a smile and delicious 😋 food!! SO friendly and professional. …
Kim Miller
These young men have been coming to the dealership for years and they never disappoint! they dont just supply delicious food and sweets they bring a smile to everyone in the office with their kindness, manners and professional demeanor. these kids are amazing role models!!
Natasha Moniz
I always get the grilled chicken or chicken sandwhich! So good with the vinegrete sauce and it is delicious. The boys are always so sweet and us girls at the salon are always excited to see them!
Kenya Jon
Enjoyed the salad and the cookies as well as the fresh fruit. Very well respected young men!
Victoria Rosen
These kids are AWESOME. And so is their products. They come to our Dealership here in Clayton (Matthews Motors) all the time and everybody here buys their sweets and NOW, they even have fresh fruit cups (so fresh and juicy) and fresh lemonade as well as salads and wraps. They are very well mannered and friendly. Every time I see them, I buy something. How can you not? :)
Nikki Curtis
For the second time Kookie Krumbs has showed up at my job at Roto-Rooter. They are 3 amazing young men, well mannered and eager to sale the treats. I have had them all and they are beyond out of this world. I will buy every time they come. To the maker and founder of Kookie Krumbs hands down best cookies I have had. Soft and chewy the way I like and very tasteful. The mini cakes are moist and delicious as well. FYI "IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO SHOW UP AT THE ROTO - ROOTER AT 8820 MIDWAY WEST ROAD" the best time is EVERY WEDNESDAY BETWEEN 8:30 TILL 10:30 when we have a full office of technicians!!! Great job kids!!!
Kathleen Burgess
Two young men came into the office this week selling delicious treats from Kookie Krumbs and I am kicking myself for not buying more! The chocolate chip cookies we got were delicious!! And the young men could not have been sweeter or more pleasant to interact with!